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Wells & West General Contractors, Inc. was originally started in 1997 as a division of Wells and West, Inc. out of Murphy, North Carolina, with Greg Jones as the local division manager. In 2005, Greg purchased the Colorado division, making it locally owned and operated.  Wells & West General Contractors, Inc. has continued to grow in volume and complexity of work since that time.  We are members of The Better Business Bureau, The Colorado Safety Association, the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, and the El Paso County Contractors Association.  We are also registered with System for Award Management (SAM).


Our Project Management

What sets us apart from our competition is seen in how we manage your project.  We believe in a team atmosphere involving the owner, architect, engineer, designer, and contractor while developing and completing the project.  We have a strong commitment to quality work, integrity, accountability, and customer service.  Wells & West General Contractors, Inc. sets out to not only meet our clients’ needs, but to exceed them.


A Crew of Craftsmen

We recruit and maintain a core group of long-term employees, and a team of high-quality subcontractors and suppliers for your projects. Call or email us today for your construction project, large or small. Our crew of craftsmen will take care of you.


Long-Term Clients

Our repeat clientele is evidence of our ability to ensure a quality experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations.  We have many long-term clients such as Colorado Springs Utilities, Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, Verizon, Academy School District 20, Serco, Colorado College, Cushman & Wakefield, Depuy/Synthes (aka Jabil), and many more.

We Pride Ourselves on Our Safety Culture

Relatively speaking, construction is a dangerous business. Wells & West has a workers’ compensation E-mod of rate of .70. Our staff includes an in-house, full time Safety Director. We maintain a safe working environment for our clients, our employees and our team.

Wells & West Commercial General Contractors Colorado Springs

“Wells & West is an awesome general contractor. We use them for concrete, carpentry, and all types of small construction projects. They are very responsive to the needs of our company. Their work is always top quality.” — Greg Stephens

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    Safety is a daily feature of construction. All workers and visitors are required to maintain minimum personal protection equipment. Jobsite orientation to the procedures and daily activities keeps everyone informed on what is in process.

    A “Site Safety” book is created for each jobsite. This site-specific reference book contains information on the site’s emergency action plan (emergency numbers, closest urgent care location and directions, etc.), basic first aid instructions, and hands-only CPR instructions. Also, the applicable Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are provided at each job site.

    Our Safety Director gives a weekly, mandatory formal safety meeting to provide continuing education to Wells & West employees. The Safety Director also conducts regular unannounced site inspections.

    All Wells & West field employees have passed an American Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED training class. And most field employees have earned their OHSA-10 certificate.

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    With foreknowledge of hazards, the schedule is modified to limit activities or access during more dangerous activities. All team members are aware through the schedule of what is happening on the project. More dangerous activities such as hoisting or the use of vaporous materials is planned for in advance and scheduled during low use times.

    Forward planning to conduct more dangerous activities allows the Wells & West team to limit exposure to client and their staff. We use fall protection with lanyards and ties offs, and certified scaffolding.

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    Visual and Physical Isolation

    Basic planning for construction site layout and access improves safety for clients and passers-by. Construction activities are exciting and will draw attention. Barriers are prudent to protect workers and their admirers. The barriers are both physical and visual. Although these barriers also double as marketing material for most firms, the barrier allows workers not to be distracted, and keeps potential spectators clear of danger.

    Physical barriers are also used on job sites to secure the work area during non-working hours. Along with limiting opportunities for theft, they keep the curious from inadvertently stepping into hazardous areas.

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    Weekly construction meetings review upcoming activities. The potential dangers and the recommended procedures to be used are planned for and performed accordingly.

Wells & West Commercial General Contractors Colorado Springs Member Better Business Bureau BBB
Wells & West Commercial General Contractors Colorado Springs Member El Paso County Contractors Association EPCCA
Wells & West Commercial General Contractors Colorado Springs Member Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

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