Project Planning / Pre-Construction

Wells & West offers a full spectrum of pre-construction services.   Below is a listing of just some of the items that can go into a project.

Design Assist:

We have local architects and engineers who we contract in-house to design build projects to the owner’s specifications.  The capacity to design a project completely in-house provides the owner with the opportunity to have a say in the entire process from conception to construction.

Budget Development and Estimating:

We understand how critical our early estimates are to you project’s success.  From the day we are selected as a part of the project team we practice a continuous process of cost control and from that day forward, we focus on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation and ongoing review of the costs to help you maximize your budget dollars.

Using estimating tools, as well as timely information from the marketplace, our experienced in-house team of project managers collaborates with the project team in the development of an accurate budget.  As the design develops, we maintain a watchful eye towards the budget providing advise as to cost, schedule and constructability.

Value Engineering:

Wells & West’s systematic and proactive approach to value engineering maximizes the effect of every project dollar spent and is a critical component of our process.  This includes cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, considerations relative to labor and material availability and the effect on the project schedule.  Our role is to investigate and suggest viable design alternatives that will avoid unnecessary expenditures and provide improved value and economy while maintaining the design’s intent and the owner’s goals and requirements. 

Constructability Review:

Based on our years of experience, Wells & West’s team reviews the design documents to ensure they are clear, the construction details are efficient and the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings are coordinated.