Project Management / Quality Control

During the construction phase of a project, we mobilize our on-site staff of experienced and knowledgeable employees to act as the owner’s eyes and ears and to interact closely with the project team throughout the process. 

We have completed project on day, night and swing shifts and are here to meet the owners needs, ensuring minimal impact the the building users and owners. 

Project Scheduling:

Wells & West provides a system of schedule development and continual monitoring that enables flexibility and encourages communication.  Our project schedules are accurate in project construction durations and detailed in the information provided to the project team.

Equipment & Material Procurement:

During the pre-construction phase, Wells & West will have identified any “long lead time” material and equipment purchases.  Once construction has started, or before, we work closely with the project team to develop a procurement strategy to ensure the timely arrival of all items.


Wells & West has a long history of successfully performing many of the tasks required on the project.  We are not just a “broker” of subcontractors.  We are capable of performing various portions of the work.  This ability helps us to drive the project schedule and to set quality standards for the complete project.

In addition to the specific items highlighted above, below is a list of just some of the items that go on behind the scene to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Gather and track submittals
  • Supervise and coordinate work to maintain schedule
  • Implement job site specific safety requirements and ensure compliance by all parties
  • Manage subcontractors
  • Provide quality control
  • Shop drawing review
  • Hold meetings on a regular basis with all parties involved
  • Review all subcontractors’ applications for payment to verify accuracy and schedule compliance
  • Safety inspections, reporting and compliance