Protecting people from accidents and serious injury, and keeping Wells & West General Contractors, Inc. in compliance with OSHA’S complex and often-confusing regulations, is a high-stakes job that carries enormous consequences.  When Safety Management works, everybody wins.  But when an organization’s safety efforts fall short, the cost can be staggering, both in human suffering and in actual dollars.

Accident prevention is a principal responsibility of management at all levels of Wells & West.  It is our policy that every manager uses maximum initiative in communications, training and monitoring techniques to assure that every reasonable precaution is taken to prevent accidents that could cause injuries.  By working together, we can prevent employee accidents, fires, property damage, and protect the general public as they come into contact with our company.  Attaining these objectives is essential if we are to fulfill our moral and legal responsibility for employee safety and to maintain employee productivity.

Wells & West has a full-time Safety Director; Randy Rowe.  The following are some of his qualifications:

  • BA in Business, Eastern Iowa Community College
  • OSHA 500 course in construction safety and health
  • OSHA 510 course in general safety and health
  • OSHA 502 construction trainer update
  • Advanced Master Craftsman Certificate
  • Certified OSHA Outreach Trainer (valid until 2015)

Wells & West takes a proactive approach for everyday safety supervision.  Our Safety Director visits each job site daily to observe and verify that safe workplace practices are in place; holds weekly safety meetings for our in-house crews, project managers and superintendents; and provides employee training as necessary.  We also work very closely with our subcontractors on safety.  Before a job starts, the Safety Director meets with the subcontractors and reviews our safety policy with them so there are no questions on what we expect from them. 

Our excellent safety record has earned us a Workers’ Compensation Modification Factor rate of .88 for the 2013-2014 policy year.    

Wells & West has also achieved certification status in the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Premium Cost Containment Program, issued by the State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. To obtain certification status in the Program, the company must demonstrate that it has “actively” followed an approved loss prevention and loss control program for a period of at least one year.  We have continually maintain this certification since it was originally issued in 2006.