Regional Building Tenant Finish Phase 1 & 2

Completed:  December 2007

Phase 1:  The first portion of this project was the tenant improvements in the un-finished area (8,000 sf) downstairs.  This was going to be the future offices for all the building inspectors and their supervisors.  Needless to say, we had daily inspections whether they were called in or not.

This phase involved saw-cutting the concrete floor to install new “gang” type restrooms.  We also had to construct a new air-handler on a pad inside an existing mechanical room.  The AHU specified had to be delivered in pieces and assembled in place due to access constraints.  An equipment pad was poured and modifications to the piping within the mechanical room had to be designed and re-routed before the new AHU could be put in place.  When tying in the HVAC piping and ductwork, we had to coordinate with the building department to ensure that our shut-downs did not interfere with the rest of the occupants of the building.

Our first real challenge was moving the inspectors from their old location to their new desks downstairs.  We had to do this in groups and coordinate with the data personnel.  Each inspector (88 total) had to be online in the morning at their old location to take inspection requests and answer contractor questions.  When they came back in the afternoon, they had to be online at their new location (with the old location disconnected).  This may seem like just a “Data Technician” issue, but each inspector had (and re-used) a two drawer filing cabinet so each cubicle had to be dismantled, moved to a new location and reassembled in the available time.  All inspectors were moved downstairs over the course of one week without a hitch.

Phase 2:  This phase was about as “high profile” as a job can get.  Not only were we under the careful watch of every inspector that walked by, but now we were on the main level of Regional Building Department.  Every contractor, architect or engineer that had business at Regional Building was peeking in to see what was going on and who was doing it.  We demolished the old inspectors office area and built the new plan check area.  This area is accentuated by a 6-counter, rounded plan “walk-thru” area.  Above the radius plan check desks is a “suspended” cloud.  This rounded kidney-shaped feature is highlighted by curved maple trim, decorative sound panels and indirect lighting.

During the course of both phases, Wells & West General Contractors, Inc. conducted weekly progress meetings for the owner, architect, engineers and subcontractors.  We kept the meeting minutes, as well as all RFI logs, change order requests and submittal registers.

Safety:  Our safety record was tested as there were so many avenues for people to access our work.  We constantly monitored the areas with our crew and even had our subcontractors helping with safety checks.  Randy Rowe, Safety Director for Wells & West performed weekly (sometimes daily) safety inspections and held some of our safety meetings on site for others to attend.  Between the tripping hazards, power cords and sharp metal studs there was a host of accidents waiting to happen.  Fortunately, due to Randy’s diligence and attention to details we completed this project with a zero incidence of safety violations, injuries and OSHA violations.