Martin Drake Interior Remodel

Completed:  January 2007

This was a unique project because it consisted of virtually building a new building on the inside of an existing building.  The project included 11,000 square feet of new floor area.  A new structural third floor was built in the warehouse/machine shop of the power plant, which was finished to create a large conference room.  This room included audio/visual, data and internet capabilities.  The existing second floor became the facility department’s offices.

Wells & West General Contractors, Inc. was involved in the pre-construction planning, chaired weekly construction meetings, created and adhered to a comprehensive schedule, coordinated all phases and maintained safety and quality control.

One challenge was the installation of a structural floor.  Our crews worked over existing work areas in a confined space.  Our project team worked with our subcontractors to safely install steel beams and decking.  Also included were new restrooms, elevator, stairs, and complete finishes.