Colorado Springs Utilities East Service Center Remodel

Completed: August 2012

This was Phase 1 of a 3-year, 3-phase project.  The entire project had to be completed while the occupants remained in the building.  The first phase was divided into 4 different sections.  The first section was the installation of a new mechanical infrastructure for the entire 3-year project.  It includes the construction of an internal, structural mezzanine to support the installation of a chiller and all of the associated pumps and control valves.  A cooling tower was erected outside the building and had 12″ supply and return lines piped underground to it.    The other 3 sections of this project consisted of the removal of all ceilings and lighting, removal of the entire existing HVAC system and new chilled beam technology was installed.  This is a 4-pipe system that supplies both radiant heating and cooling using a ceiling-mounted radian panel (chilled beam panel).  We also replaced all of the windows in the entire west wing with more energy efficient windows.  We removed all of the old inefficient roof top units and infilled the openings with structural steel and replaced the roof in its’ entiety.